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Taiix Nano-Suit Bio
Name: Taiix “The Dark Prince” Lancaster
Alias’:Tai, Yang
Age: 33
Species: Cyborg
Birthdate: July 11th, 1991
Time of birth: 1:07 am
Country of Origin: USA
Birthplace: NY
Ethnicity: African-American
Occupation: Mercenary
Language(s): English
Native tongue: English
Religion: None
Weapons/Offensive equipment: Mk 2 Heat Sword/Katana-Longsword Style, 3rd Generation Shadow class Nano-Suit.
Items/Defensive equipment/Misc: Holograms, Tactical Nano-Suit Visor, Contact Grenades, Proximity Mines, Flash Grenades.
Transportation: Death Class Warship “Arcadia”
Recent pictures:
Blood type: A-
Height: 6’3
Weight: 237lbs
Eye Color: left: cybernetic/right: black
Hair: Jet black
Skin: Brown
Shoe size: 14w
Figure/build: Muscular/Athletic
Distinguishing marks:
-Tattoo(s): Prisoner Identification Barcode (back of neck)
-Scars: Chest, Face, and Back areas.
-Piercings: Left and Right ears
-Clothing style: Nano-Suit
Currently lives: Arcadia Warship
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~General Information~
Birth Name: Taiix Carrendar-Knightshade
Given Name: Taiix
Nicknames: Tai, Yang
Age: 1000+ /Appearance: 27
Gender: Male
Race/Species: Fused Soul
~Family Information~
Birth mother: Unknown
Birth Father: Unknown
Adoptive Father: ArauthSygaxBanpaiyo
Siblings: Yin [CuzuOni}
Children: Alera [MageofMist] , Esmee [Hedonistic]
Bonded Mate: N/A
~Physical Information~
Height: 6’2
Weight: 215lbs
Eye color: White no pupils
Hair color: Raven black
Tattoos, Piercings, Marks, Scars, Etc: Taiix's right eye is scarred by 3 deep claw marks a testimony to his epic battle between him and the Dark Dragon, Adryal. When their souls combined, Adryal's essence was bonded to Taiix with a seal. It appears upon his back in the image of black coiling celestial dragon. It is passed off to all as a simple tattoo, however the seal serves as a moderator between Taiix and Adryal's souls and when lifted or broken, the consequences are no less then catastrophic.
Personality Profile: Even before
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Darkness would overcome a lone castle, miles away from the battlefield, announcing the arrival of a most sinister being. Those who were weak and pitiful would cower at the very ominous presence brought on by this being and even the strong may not be able to resist a numbing chill creep down their spines. Towards the entrance of the building, the doors would be enshrouded in a murky dark substance that one could have mistaken for smoke was in not the almost life-like animation that this matter would behold. Ice would form around the dark mass as it would rob its surroundings of warmth and security. In the past creatures, even the most powerful, would be filled with despair and fear as this cold crushing force would be upon them. The doors would groan under the stress of this destructive matter, cracks appearing in their frameworks until they would succumb and shatter to bits only to be consumed by the very matter that had been their demise. As the way to was cleared a black boot would step from the depths of darkness, followed by a leg and another and continued until the dark figure of a man would appear. It was obvious that this being was of Darkness, though the properties of his particular dark matter were violent, destructive, and chaotic <hint hint>. The figure would stand at 6'2 with a lean yet muscular body build. He would proceed forward with painfully slow strides as if he sought to torture his victims with his presence and slowly drive them mad with fear and despair. Around him his darkness would boil and consume all in its wake. It would seep into the very walls and cracks would appear in the surfaces just like the door as the chaotic darkness would render it to rumble. The glass windows would shatter under the immense pressure of energy the man released and the very foundations would tremble and vibrate as if they too shook in fear. The small pest creatures would flee from their holes and burrows only to be snatched up by tentacles made of darkness. As the poor creatures were dragged to their doom demonic faces and hellish creatures would rise and fall from the mass and consume them, tearing flesh from bone and then consuming the bones before sinking back into the depths yet an indistinguishable amount of fiendish eyes could be seen blinking from the mass as they peered for more souls to devour. As the man continued his course down the hall five guards <NPCs> would come scrambling from their posts and confront him. One, possibly the leader or captain would be the first to come forth ahead of his compatriots and would step before the man, his hand held up to the man yelling, "Halt at once!" However the Being would ignore the man's commands and continue is slow casual stroll forwards as if he had not even heard. The guardsman would draw his sword and charge the man, yelling wildly in battle cry and would be egged on by the words of encouragement and enticing of his subordinates. Sword raised, the guardsman would enter a five foot range of the sinister being. The being would grin beneath his black scarf that would hide most of his face, from the bridge of his nose down. The guardsman had absolutely now mental protection and as he entered the range of five feet his mind would be ravaged by the being's Haki. [Haki is separated into three categories: Kenbunshoku Haki, which grants users a sixth sense of the world around them and limited precognitive abilities; Busoshoku Haki, which allows the user to use their spirit as armor to defend against attacks or to make their own attacks more potent; and Haoshoku Haki, a rare type of Haki only one in a million can use which grants the user the ability to overpower the will of others.] 'Halt.' The cold emotionless voice of the Being's thoughts would rip through the guardsman's consciousness. The guardsman would swing down with his sword but before it made contact with the Being he would stop short, stand stiff and rigid as if he had just been frozen in time. The dumbfound man would not be even to widen his eyes in fear as the Being before him would turn to a more shadowy substance, though still keeping his distinguishing features, and walk right through the man as if he were a ghost. Behind him, the Being would hear the struggling grunts of the unfortunate guardsman as he could do nothing but stay motionless as the being seemed to have completely disregarded him all together. "You know you really can be a show off sometimes." The voice of his sword would ring through the Beings conscious as he kept walking forward. The voice was that a trio of females, their voices harsh and melodic, and though the sound of it was almost beautiful, to hear their 'voice' when released was practically fatal to others but himself. As the Being left the five foot range of the guards man his attack would complete and smash the floor with a loud 'CLANG!' Sweating and enraged by the trespasser's ability to so easily humiliate him he would whirl around and raises his sword again but instead of charge forward again he would raise it as if to chuck it. "YOU SON OF A BITCH!!" He yelled in fury at the being that now had his back to him. "He should watch his back." His swords voice would echo through the Being's mind once again as a cold mirthless snicker. But it would be too late for the man. The Darkness that had until now been consuming all it could in the halls would look to find its newest prey. A dark tendril would lash out with astonishing speed and precision and with a loud 'CRACK' like that of a whip, the man's raised sword hand was severed. His cry of pain would be reduced to a sickening gurgle as his lungs would fill with blood and froth from his gaped mouth. His remaining hand would clutch a blacked spike that had run through him. Then within split seconds he was yanked back by the spike, pulling him off his feet into the depths of the darkness and out of sight. Seconds would pass by and the being would have already passed by the other guardsmen, who had all but one which had fled, had been quickly dispatched by the Beings fast hands. Each of his forearms were armored with thick blackened plate armor devised of an impressively strong metal, able to with stand up to nearly 20 tons of force before being able to receive a scratch. Each of these armors had a pairs of three inch blades on them, making the Being a deadly opponent even when 'unarmed'. By now the first victim guard would raise from the depths of Darkness his screams of agonizing pain shrilling through the halls and music to the Being's ears. Multiple black fiendish forms would have their teeth sunk into his flesh and his body barely recognizable as human any more as his entrails was spilling from him and claw marks apparent upon his flesh. It was a surprise that even through all that he would still be even alive. However his life would come to an end as claws reached for his jaws that has been wide open from his screams and would be pried apart until his head would split at the mouth and one would be able to see the stringy tendons and muscles that had once held his jaw together. With the sound of ripping flesh a fiend would rip the top half of the guardsman's head clean off and dive back into the swirling mass of Darkness to feast on its prize, while the others would tear limb and organ from the carcass until the man was no more, absent of even a trace blood of skin and bone. As the Being continued on his way down the halls he would smile as the agonizing cries of pain from the other three guardsmen would rebound off the walls. The sound of twisting and breaking bone and tearing flesh filling the halls as well as the stench of human bowels polluting the air. Down on the other end of the hall The Being could see the fleeting form of the last guardsman "What a coward, fleeing to leave his brethren to such a horrible fate." His sword spoke to him once again. He would not answer but reach back to draw the weapon. With a low 'Shing' the blade would be drawn from its sheath and its blade would reflect the fire light upon his dark face. "Fortunately for him, he does not bare the blood I wish to spill, they are not here." "How do you know that?" "Shut up." With that the Being sheaths his sword and departs the castle in pursuit of his quarry....The night was quiet, the only sound to heard were the leaves of the trees swaying in the wind. Within the dark cover of the night the being would lurk. This being was Adryal, one of Taiix's souls who had managed to gain temporary control of their body. He leaped through the trees with silent, graceful moments. He stopped, sniffing the night air, using his abnormally keen senses to pinpoint his targets. A sudden loud crack of a breaking twig would attract Adryal's attention and his head would snap towards its direction. He leaps through the trees again towards the sound, stealthily keeping himself hidden, his all black clothing and the fact that it was a 'Black Moon' night provided him with almost pitch black cover. As he neared his destination Taiix would hear voices. They were bickering in a low whisper. "Dammit Elaine I told you to be careful! They are after us and you probably just gave away our position!" the woman was trying to speak through racking sobs and obvious fear. "I...I...*sniff* I'm sorry Cortabious...but *sobs*...I'm so scared!" Adryal would grin to himself as he listens to the two converses. Little did they know that their pursuer was hanging above them that very moment? Drawing his sword from his back silently he would decide to have a little fun with his prey. He drops from his cover right behind where the two were cowering and would land to the forest floor with a light thud. "Boo." The woman shrieked and the man, who seemed to have had his senses about himself, would push the woman aside as well as draw a sword in one fluid motion. "Run Elaine!" The woman stood hesitant for a moment but would then take off crashing through the door and to the woods. The man growled at Adryal and charged with his sword held high above his head. With one strike the man would make a vertical downward strike at Adryal that would split him in half. But he would simply sidestep to the right, making the man's attack miss completely and end up about an inch behind the him. With a twirl of his blade Adryal makes it so that the blades tip is pointing at the man's spine though Taiix was still facing forward, his back turned to the man. With one backward trust his plunges his Katina into the man's spine. His grunt of pain and warm blood spilling unto Adryal's hands confirming of a successful blow. As Adryal pulled his blade from the man he would turn to see him fall to his knees, using his sword to prop him up, his breathing shallow and failing. "Elaine...I'm...I'm..." But he would never finish his sentence as Adryal covers his mouth with his hand and drives the sword into his back once more, this time piercing through the man's heart. The man's dying breath escaping into Adryal's armored hand and then his lifeless corpse would drop to the ground. Adryal would kneel over the body muttering a few words in the language of dragons. "mirth thy tobor si clax, thy sepa si claim!" upon finishing the simple prayer which served no true purpose except that he made the removal of a soul ritualistic, a luminescent white smoke would rise from the man's back. The smoke would travel from the body to Adryal's outstretched palm with a shudder from overwhelming euphoria of pleasure and ecstasy. As he begins to relax and the feeling passes he would hear a squeal behind him. He whirls around and unsheathes a kunai from his tool pouch. With dead accuracy he hurls the knife to where he had heard the sound and he would be rewarded by the thud of a falling body and a wet gurgling sound. He approaches to see who his newest victim would be. It was the woman from before, though her once attractive features replaced by pained tears and a bloody face from where she had been coughing up blood on herself. it seemed she had come back to see if her husband had managed to survive the skirmish only for her to see his last moments as he was killed and then had his soul stripped from his dead body. Adryal would stand over the woman, her eyes wide with pain with fear and pain. "I thank you for coming back it saves me the trouble of having to find you myself." he brings his foot where his kunai still protruded from her neck. "So weak and fragile you humans are" he applies pressure slowly driving the kunai further into the woman's neck. Her shuddering and sputtering increasing as she struggled helplessly. "Die in pain worthless trash." with that he presses hard shoving the kunai straight through her neck and out the other side, her one dying breath parting her lips as a pained whimper. Adryal gazed upon the carcass, the woman's face still plastered with fear and her eyes wide with pain and torment. 'Just how humans deserve to die', he would think to himself. Kneeling over the body he would perform the same ritual he had done for the man and absorbed the woman's soul. Finished, he would take but a few moments to clean his weapons and pillage any items of value from their carcasses. As he departed he could already hear wolves and other such creatures of the night close in on the scene. He continued on his way through the woods. Whistling a bubbly tune, as he made his way to meet with his brother and another. Adryal would walk on for hours well past the light of dawn and passing into the late evening when he finally reached his destination. It seemed as though he would be the last to make and his brother and the other male seemed ready. "Well then," he stands beside his brother, smirking at his modern weaponry with a hint of dictate. "Shall we get this started then gentlemen?" As he speaks a large amount of a black gaseous material surrounds Adryal, making the air thick with Abyssal energy. So thick it was that gravity in his immediate 5ft vicinity shifted and rocks and small debris lifted off the ground and as he caught the sense of his awaiting prey Adryal's bloodlust reached unfathomable heights.~


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